Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater

An intense origin story betrayal and tactical espionage action. Become Naked Snake, a special operations solider tasked with sneaking into hostile environments, avoiding combat when possible, hiding the evidence when he does engage and infiltrating deep into enemy territory to complete his mission.

Rival nations are secretly developing weapons that could threaten the future of mankind. Deep in the jungle, an elite soldier must combine stealth with survival to infiltrate the enemy and stop a weapon of mass destruction from triggering the largest full-scale war the world has ever seen.

  • The legendary story, characters, voice acting, gameplay, and music that made the original a sensation all return, evolved and more immersive than ever.
  • This modern leap breathes new life into every cutscene, and rebuilds every corner of the world. With the updated battle damage system, the wear and tear of Snake's clothes, as well as bruises and bullet wounds on his body, reflected in real time.
  • Snake's clothes can be mended by changing his outfit, but any injuries to his actual body will leave their mark permanently, telling a story of each player's unique journey through the game.
  • With Unreal Engine 5, expansive stages are rendered with cutting-edge technology. Incredible new graphics bring the wild growth of the jungles, forests, and swamps to life in exquisite detail. Characters are rendered in such fine detail that facial wrinkles, pores, and even separate eye and iris movements are visible, allowing for rich and emotive facial animations.
  • In addition to the original play style and control scheme, players can elect for a newly added, more modern control style. These intuitive controls let you focus entirely on the game, and the immersive thrills of the survival stealth experience.
TITLEMetal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater
RELEASE DATEDec 31, 2025