Amerzone Remake: The Explorer's Legacy

Go on a search for the Big White Birds in a mysterious land filled with secrets. "Having heard the last wishes of a late explorer, embody a journalist seaking for adventure and truth in a forgotten Latin American country, Amerzone! You will immerse yourself into the past and lead the investigation in the ruins of this secretive land. Will you unlock the mystery of the Great White Birds, a mythical species of Amerzone?

  • A remake of the cult BenoĆ®t Sokal game: A pioneer of adventure games, Amerzone is a legend of the video game industry, released in 1999 and sold over 1 million units in the world.
  • An ode to exploration and discovery: Explore an ancient land built by years of secrets, browsing realistic environments and enjoying a both eerie and appealing ambient.
  • Facing multiple riddles in a quest for truth: In a scenario faithful to the original game but enriched with new features, find clues, face tough puzzles and solve the case of the Great White Birds.
  • Fascinating and complex characters to interact with: Discover people with deep backstories and elaborate designs, study their expectations and fix the errors from the past...
TITLEAmerzone Remake: The Explorer's Legacy
RELEASE DATEDec 31, 2024