Captain Toonhead vs The Punks From Outer Space

Captain Toonhead vs The Punks From Outer Space is a truly first-person tower defense, designed for VR. This is not your diorama-style VR tower defense. This time you’re going to have to move all over the map, hammer away to upgrade your towers, throw over-powered chanclas recklessly and shoot electric beams from weaponized pizza at your enemies. Fight from the front lines!

  • Not the hero we wanted, but the one we got stuck with: After the whole squad sent by the World Treaty for Freedom (WTF) got fried by a burrito-related explosion, it’s on Elliott Salazar, the cartoon-obsessed facility technician and the only survivor, to save Earth. There’s a new captain onboard: Captain ToonHead!
  • Take control of your towers: Take manual control of a tower to project lethal beams of hot sauce from your hands, ignite infinite heat-seeking fireworks, irresponsibly spray a snowball machine gun, shoot rays from electrified pizza slices or unleash a piñata blitz over your enemies.
TITLECaptain Toonhead vs The Punks From Outer Space
THEMEStower defense