Corpse Party 2: Darkness Distortion

"Ayame Kirishima, Ayame Kirishima, please send them to the hospital." Hoping to boost her subscriber numbers, streamer Nemu Takahashi convinces her high school classmates Haruka Nanami and Maria Hitsugi to test the urban legend “Ayame’s Mercy” live at an abandoned hospital. It does not go as planned.

Ayame's Mercy Limited Edition Includes:

Amare Est Vivre Medical Kit-Metal Outer Case
64 page art book
LED blue candle (2 x AA batteries not included)
Evidence Kit-journal pages, person of interest photo array, Nemu Takanashi business card and hospital PSA flyer
  • Get the Party Re-Started - Corpse Party returns with an all-new entry featuring refreshed presentation and additional gameplay depth. It’s the perfect entry point for new players, and features plenty of nods for longtime fans too.
  • Spine-tingling Terror - Sensational storytelling in visual novel format with evocative and terrifying descriptions combined with smothering binaural audio and spine-tingling Japanese voiceover will have players on the edge of their seats.
  • Japanese Horror Elevated - Explore the halls of Amare Est Vivere freely in both first- and third-person, providing new perspectives for players brave enough to take a closer look.
  • Riveting Paranormal Mystery - Told across six chapters, with eight additional scenarios and a plethora of gruesome Wrong Ends, it’s up to you to uncover the horrifying truth behind "Ayame’s Mercy”— if you hope to earn the “true” ending.
TITLECorpse Party 2: Darkness Distortion
RELEASE DATEDec 31, 2024