Monster Jam Showdown

All the power of the Monster Jam franchise is ready to land in your hands, with a new and groundbreaking off-road arcade experience. Get ready to race across three different biomes, and perform your best tricks driving the most iconic Monster Jam trucks ever. Show your skills across tons of different game modes in the a non-linear career mode, online, and in split screen. Only with Monster Jam Showdown.

Preorder Monster Jam Showdown and receive bonus DLC pack “The Odd Couple” that includes 2 additional trucks to use in- game – Backwards Bob and Big Kahuna!

  • An Immediate Off-Road Arcade Game: Perfect for Monster Jam fans and a must play for arcade racing gamers: Monster Jam Showdown is ready to bring you a vast and easy-to-access offroad racing challenge! Unleash the full 1500 horsepower of these 4-wheel beasts across 7 different racing-based game modes, squeezing your boost to gain even more speed while you crash, twist, and distress both your truck and the environment in a satisfying excess-based gameplay experience.
  • Show Off Your Freestyle Skills: Performing amazing tricks in the Freestyle competitions is at the essence of every Monster Jam event around the world.Monster Jam Showdown captures all the excitement and crazy maneuvers that are performed in real life, and lets you recreate every stunt making it intuitive and immediately rewarding!
  • Master The Most Iconic Monster Jam Trucks: The excitement of real-life Monster Jam events comes to the video game world, thanks to the franchise's most recognizable icons: the trucks! Grave Digger, Toro Loco, Megalodon, Maximum Destruction and many others... You'll be able to drive real-world superstars from the current fleet, legendary vehicles that made history on the show, and even Monster Jam's most famous fictional vehicles from the boundless toy universe. Collect their most special liveries, with over 140 unique truck versions to be unlocked in the game.
  • Race Big Across 3 Different Environments: Get ready to let all your favorite trucks roar outside the stadiums, driving through the most spectacular untamed environments! Lift the Death Valley's dust, conquer the forests of Colorado and show your control over Alaskan ice: wild tracks and crazy freestyle arenas await you! And watch out! Sandstorms, heavy rains, and blizzards are just around the corner, ready to make things even more extreme.
  • Find Your Favourite Game Mode: Start your career in a non-linear journey through a variety of racing and freestyle game modes in all three biomes, beat the competition and become the champion of the Showdown Tour! And keep the thrills going with exclusive over-the-top multiplayer alternatives, playing as a team or destroying each other truck. Challenge your friends online, and enjoy some Monster Jam time on the couch with your family thanks to the split-screen. In Monster Jam Showdown there’s lots to do for everybody!
TITLEMonster Jam Showdown
RELEASE DATEAug 29, 2024
GENREarcade, racing
MODESsingle player, online multiplayer