B-Project: Ryusei Fantasia

Become the manager of the famous B-Project in this unforgettable musical Visual Novel. Support a group of 14 idols from their humble beginnings through to fame. Befriend them, influence their music and help them through turbulent times as they follow their dreams.

  • Sparkling visual novel: Full of brightness and colour, B-Project: Ryusei Fantasia is a visual novel which follows the lives and careers of the idol group “B-Project”.
  • Become an idol manager: play from the perspective of a female idol manager, supporting the idol boys through their troubles and towards their dreams.
  • Interactive mechanics: Your phone is your gateway to nurturing your relationship with the idols, respond to messages and answer calls, don’t lose your chance!
  • Endless magic: With 2 different possible endings, 14 characters epilogues to explore and many CGs to unlock, the replayability is high.
  • 14 Different Idols to Manage: Each with different personalities, likes and dislikes, but all with the same dream, pick your bias or stan them all.
TITLEB-Project: Ryusei Fantasia
RELEASE DATEJul 18, 2024
GENREvisual novel