My Life: Pet Vet

In your own small animal practice, you take care of the sick and injured Animals. Just like in real life you turn into a veterinarian. If you use different examination methods, use the right one diagnosis and treats the little patients with appropriate means. You are also responsible for aftercare and care. The cuddly animals will soon be healthy again!

  • Take care - Take care of playful dogs, cuddly cats, bunnies, cute hamsters and guinea pigs. And also, adorable as well as lots of farm animals like cheeky goats, sheep and pigs at the animal shelter
  • Learn about animals - What is wrong with your pets? There are 50 diseases from eye inflammation to tick bite. Use examination and treatment methods like the professionals and make the right diagnosis so that they can get well soon!
  • Find new homes - The animals you've taken in haven't had it easy so far. Luckily, they are in good hands with you. Give your little friends fresh water, feed them and find them a new home.
  • Large open 3D World - Discover the great open world where you can getting around on foot, on horseback or by car.
TITLEMy Life: Pet Vet
RELEASE DATEJun 21, 2024