Hot Lap Racing

Hot Lap Racing is a "simcade" racing game powered by an in-house racing physics engine developed especially for the game. Discover the history of motorsport from GT Cross to Formula 1 and race against your friends or compete online against more players!

  • Real Cars. Real Tracks. Real Drivers. Real You!
  • Challenge over 30 real champions from the history of motorsport!
  • Experience 10+ tracks, including FIA grade 1 and grade 2 licensed ones, with even more layouts!
  • 30+ cars: Choose from a diverse lineup of more than 30 cars representing various motorsport categories and eras, such as Formula 1 cars from the 80s and 90s and much moreā€¦
  • Many ways to enjoy the game!
  • Career: Embark on your journey as a young racing driver and strive to reach the pinnacle of motorsport. Master a wide range of iconic cars on legendary tracks and compete against some of the greatest drivers of all time.
  • Hot Lap: Race and improve your lap times with each attempt.
  • Online & Offline Multiplayer: Aim to be the first to cross the finish line!
TITLEHot Lap Racing
RELEASE DATEDec 31, 2024