Tokyo Xanadu eX+

40+ hours of Action RPG gameplay! Quest through Morimiya City and battle hordes of mind bending monsters! Navigate the alternate dimension of Eclipse. Each character possesses unique weapons and skills to battle the monstrosities within this strange realm. Unravel the secrets of Eclipse and vanquish evil from Morimiya!

  • Extra Scenarios! Enjoy additional tales of the Wielders that weren't depicted in the main story. Once you've completed the game, get access to an all new quest and carry on the adventure!
  • Extra Playable Character! Play as the mysterious knight, White Shroud. Brandish unrivaled strength and the powers of light to take down vile monsters and vicious bosses!
  • “Time Attack” and “Boss Rush” In Time Attack, defeat various bosses that appear in the main story as quickly as possible. In Boss Rush mode, you can battle each boss one after the other.
TITLETokyo Xanadu eX+
RELEASE DATEJul 25, 2024