Flintlock Siege of Dawn

Your battle begins now. Join humanity’s last stand as Gods and guns collide in an all-new action-RPG open-world adventure. The Door to the Great Below has been opened, unleashing the Gods and their armies of the Dead. The lands of Kian are besieged; it’s time for the Coalition army to fight back. Embrace vengeance, gunpowder and magic and embark on an epic journey to defeat the Gods, retake the world, and close the Door.

  • Play as Nor Vanek, an elite member of the Coalition army, accompanied by the mysterious fox - like Enki as they travel to the city of Dawn through dangerous forests, mountains and overrun hamlets, facing the army of the Dead at every turn.
  • Become a God killer.
  • Master a challenging yet rewarding combat system that blends axe wielding, gunplay and magic.
  • Acquire powerful combos and embrace your creativity with every encounter.
  • Explore a dangerous open world and re - unite your team of Coalition explosives and weaponry experts to lend their skills in the last siege against the gods.
TITLEFlintlock Siege of Dawn
RELEASE DATEDec 31, 2024